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Meraas Holding creating a new chapter of Cherrywoods with luxurious and sophisticated 4 bedroom townhouses decorated with full living amenities, which are located at the crossroads between Emirates Road and Al Qudra Road.

Cherrywoods Townhouses includes contemporary interior, spacious rooms that are beyond imagination and the art created to its best. Meraas Properties providing a space where residents can start their beautiful memories with friends and family. Meraas Cherrywoods Townhouses is an exclusive gated community near to retail, dining, and central park. It is the place where you will not need to go far away for your needs, all are available near to your doorstep.

When one is choosing a dream house, then one factor is the most important that we all need a comforting place that appreciative by everyone. Cherrywood townhouses is a suitable result and extremely central location, their location is a few of the most famous after residential locations of the town itself, Dubailand. They have been made strategically in this arrangement that they provide the ultimate facility for their residents and as a result, they come true to their promise. Cherrywood townhouses is an ideal location in Dubailand in terms of its proximity to a number of the landmark areas of the Emirate.

The resident of this ideal location has intimate access to all the touchpoints like retail outlets, health care choices, schools and workplaces, and transportation links, which contribute to making a decision in terms of dwelling. The residential development project is mostly near all the significant road networks, which serves road networks connection for the city of Dubailand.

The residential community is very fact makes it an extremely central and accessible place. Therefore, one thing is to make sure that this villa and the Townhouse Community provides everything to its residents with the vastness and convenience of their place for the surrounding facilities and conveniences and engages with it and then this kind of proximal and enjoys central location easily.

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